$1.4 Million for Durham Police Body Cameras


Last Monday (11/21), the City Council voted on and passed a motion to allocate $1.4 million dollars of tax payer money to the purchase and implementation of body camera systems for the Durham Police Department.

The biggest proponents were Police Chief Cerelyn Davis and Councilman Steve Schewel; arguing that body cameras would help bring justice in opaque civil and officer cases, and further transparency of the police department/officers.

The dissenters included Councilman Charlie Reece and Councilwoman Jillian Johnson; who argued that body camera systems have not yet been proven to be useful and advantageous. In addition, since the captured videos would not be able to be viewed (as public information) by the residents in Durham, it would ultimately only aid and benefit the Police Department.

The motion was passes 5-2, the opponents being Councilman Charlie Reece and Councilwoman Jillian Johnson.


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